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Eduardo Martínez Partner - Managing Director

Social Graduate, qualified at the University of Barcelona and Master in Tax Consulting and Financial Accounting of the University of Barcelona.

He actually has more than 14 years of experience in advising companies. He worked for several companies from Cuatrecasas Group.

During his career he has assumed responsibility for strategic advice and feasibility business plans in several companies.


Juan Navarro Partner - Estate and Tax Advisor

Master in Tax Consulting of the University of Barcelona. He has a Diploma in Business Studies at University of Barcelona.

His professional experience has been developed in the field of tax and accounting advice as well as tax planning. He has taught courses in administration and accounting at the University of Barcelona.


Patrick Duparchy Partner - Corporate advisor

He has a Degree in European Management Studies (ReimsManagementSchool - France) and Bachelor of the University of the Americas (Puebla - Mexico) in International Business Administration.

He actually has more than 8 years of experience in professional services area. He worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers as a consultant and senior auditor. Prior to joining ASLE, he set up his own consultancy business focused on the implementation of foreigners in Spain.


Marian Bula - CEO

She is currently studying a MBA at EADASchool in Barcelona. She is Bachelor of Business Management at the EuropeanCollege of Commerce (ESEC) ToulouseBusinessSchool.

Since 2004 her professional experience has been developed in the field of marketing and sales as well as in marketing plan development and market research and business organization.

She currently heads the organization of the company.


ASLE professionals are graduates from different fields of expertise. Our clients have qualified conversation partners and this fact allows for a constructive interaction. We do create value by leveraging individual knowledge to integrate it into collective knowledge.

We want our professionals to be ethical and motivated people as much as good experts. We want them to show an attitude of commitment, responsibility and logic capacity as well as to be able to listen to customers’ needs.

The ambition both personally and professionally, the desire to constantly advance on the search for new knowledge, the ability to manage themselves while working as a team are basic features of the profile of the members of ASLE.

We want professionals who want to grow and we want to grow with them.


In ASLE we aim to satisfy our customers thanks to a team rising to meet customers’ expectations and needs.

Currently more than 400 clients rely on our team.

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