Incorporation of Companies, Corporate and Management

Companies Incorporation, Subsidiaries
and Related Formalities
Preconstituted Companies
Capital Related Operations Changes in by-Laws
Empowerment Formalities

Corporate operations:

ASLE can be in charge of all corporate operations that your company might require.

We keep close to our clients for both advicing them on the best operation to execute at every moment as well as for preparing the corresponding documentation thorugh our legal counsel, bringing notary assistance and carrying out the formalities related to their operations.


  • Companies Incorporation, Subsidiaries and Related Formalities
  • Preconstituted Companies
  • Capital related operations
  • Changes in By-laws
  • Empowerment
  • Formalities

Draw up your contracts. Be ahead, a good contract is a guarantee of peaceful. Manage your notarial deeds and documents quickly and effectively. Legal registration.

Companies Incorporation, Subsidiaries
and Related Formalities

We advise on the best legal form for your company, we draw up your company by-laws, we come along with you to the Notary and we file for you the corresponding deed at the relevant Spanish Commercial Registry. Afterwards, we register the companies with the Spanish Tax Authorities and Social Security.

Preconstituted Companies

For customers who cannot wait the time it takes the normal process of incorporating a company, we have companies that are duly registered and available under applicable Corporate Law, so they are ready to be immediately operational and never had activity.


Capital Related Operations

Increase and decrease of capital share, partners in and out of companies, merger and division of companies.

Changes in by-Laws

Change in the administrative body (directors), changes/expansion of the corporate purpose, changes of registered offices, changes of corporate name, changes of, changes of the date of the fiscal year closing, etc.


With the participation of our attorneys, we do prepare public deeds of empowerment, bring Notary assistance and help with registering at the pertinent Commercial Registry, if required.


In addition to operations related to legal entities, our Management Department is responsible for dealing with personal deeds and tax settlement.

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